Workforce Development Institute

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Today’s employees are expected to manage their own careers by anticipating organizational needs and developing new competencies that address those needs.  From this perspective, organizations are customers and employees retain their employment through continuous improvement.  This shifts the burden of adaptability to change to employees.

Who We Are

The Workforce Development Institute (WDI) was established by Merrill Consulting Associates, LLC to improve skills and positively impact the lives of Colorado’s 21st century workforce by providing cutting edge programs to help them compete on a national and global scale.  We function as an intermediary by offering programs and services that are designed to provide career training and development opportunities to help individuals optimize their potential in ever-changing workplace environments.

What We Do

Our goal is to help build a workforce that is equipped with the business and technical skills that are critical for success in today’s labor market.  To achieve this goal, we strive to strengthen partnerships and collaboration among job seekers, learning institutions, employers and community agencies to increase workforce preparedness, productivity and engagement.  Programs are customized to meet the unique needs of organizations and target populations that include on-site, evening and/or weekend sessions, and a hybrid format that combines in-class and e-learning instruction.

We are pleased to offer the following five (5) programs:

Career Development Facilitator (CDF) Training & Certification – Our CDF Training & Certification program provides relevant skills, knowledge and credentialing, so that career development providers can assist others in planning careers and obtaining meaningful work to positively impact 21st century organizations.  Whether you are an employment/placement specialist, career group facilitator, career coach, human resources career development coordinator, labor market information resource specialist, college career staff, high school counselor, Veteran employment specialist, military recruiter, clergy, or any other workforce development staff person, we enhance your knowledge and skills in a variety of career development settings.

Our CDF Training & Certification Program is approved and credentialed by the National Career Development Association (NCDA).  It also meets the criteria for inclusion on the list of providers for the Colorado Department of Labor & Employment.

CareerConnections! Workshop – This workshop is designed for the general public, but can be customized for a specific audience.  Participants will learn to take charge of their career and unleash their potential with a variety of options to facilitate the career planning process:  self-assessment; goal setting; action planning; career exploration; locating, interpreting and evaluating career information; resume writing; interviewing skills; targeted presentations; networking; and marketing a professional brand.  Participants will walk away with a customized portfolio to communicate their value proposition in a competitive marketplace.

Occupational Skills Training – We partner with employers to create and coordinate occupational skills training programs to assist in upgrading the skills of their workforce.  Our customized training educates, invigorates and motivates new and seasoned practitioners alike.

Career Development Coaching – Our career development coaching is a hands-on individualized process that meets clients where they are and helps them to identify their career path and navigate the process and transition.  We use a multi-phased approach to help individual clients to crystallize their career goals by taking ownership of their destiny and building capacity to improve their knowledge, skills and brand awareness.  Our career coaching model allows for in-depth self-assessment, career exploration, direction setting, strategic planning and implementation, monitoring, evaluating and reframing to foster continuous improvement.

Back-to-Work Boot Camp – This intensive workforce re-integration program is designed for individuals who are returning to the job market after an extended absence.  Regardless of the reason – involuntary unemployment, attaining educational goals, raising a family, recovering from a personal illness, serving as a primary caregiver, or reframing to make a career change – we equip participants with the core knowledge, skills, tools and resources needed to reconnect them with their work lives and facilitate their transition back into the workplace.